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Coming back...

Fri May 19, 2017, 10:40 AM
Sorry to be behind in all my favs on my wonderful friends artworks; my family since last year had to move twice and that made my life so hectic I barely logged on.

But we are settling into our new place, and I will have more time to catch up (hopefully!)

As always, I've wonderful treasures from my fav artists!! Thank you for sharing your art.

Nights Of April by adoreluna A Sweet Symphoni by Euselia Stain Glass by Amarantheans wonderfucked by Andaelentari  Castle Ruin by Lolita-Artz  Agony by pin100 Forest music by ElenaDudina Magic Flowers by Jassy2012 Darkness Becomes Her.......... by pjenz Ukulele Lady by FlapperFoxy Dream fruit by shishimelody2912 Grandma was delicious... by lauraypablo The wolf and the roses by PatriciaLira Fairy Of Vulnerability by babsartcreations Melancholy by Aeternum-designs Home for strangers by 1simplemanips1  Escape From The Spectral Realm by StefaniaRusso IXTAB - Clash of Gods by The-Last-Phantom threefold by poisen2014 Sea wonders by Black-B-o-x Rainy Day by maiarcita LA DAMA DE NEGRO II by DenysDigitalArtwork Rielle by DeniseWorisch Peacock-garden by EnchantedWhispersArt Autumn Portrait by FrancescaAmyMaria The War by SvetlanaFox

Artworks featured are all copyrighted and intellectual property of the artists, please DO NOT steal!! Thank you.

Think Beautiful!

Thu Jan 14, 2016, 11:48 AM
May your heart is filled with kind and beautiful thoughts. Happy thoughts make happy people :) I'd like to thank the artists who bring beauty to my world, everyday!

I would like to send a special "thank you" to the amazing artists who turn my stock into extraordinary pieces!!
  Thank you (Animated) by Lacerem

Glimpse of Paradise by MysticSerenity Vampire by Jaelle Love, songs and poetry by RoseCS Water Nymph Copy by ektapinki  Hada by MariaJoseHidalgo  Goddess of magic by KatZaphire WaterNymph_2 by Euselia The soul of spring by RoseCS <da:thumb id="580173280"/> March Elf by babsartcreations Wishing Tree by Birdsatalcatraz Bombo by cornacchia-art The Christmas Fairy by Phatpuppyart-Studios  Photosynthesis by Joe-Maccer Profume of rose by Nataly1st Forget Me Not... by FrostAlexis Fantasy Girl by Lacerem Disillusional by msfowle .:Angel of Sadness:. by SummerDreams-Art Songs-Of-The-Soul by EnchantedWhispersArt The First Snow - Animation by Jassy2012 SNOW WHITE by shiny-shadows-Art Blue Autumn by AprilLight Warm Light Of Autumn by maiarcita  A rose for freedom by KatZaphire  Fall and Pumpkin by Jessica-Rossier Angels First Snow by SuzieKatz Floral Nymph 4  by LindArtz Angel Of Darkness by Digitalzauber Piano Aquarium by little-spacey Butterflies by GrandeReveuse Sunflower by silverz777 New Growth by Cinnamoncandy
Night by KanchanCollage How to make Snow! by cornacchia-art  Beauty in the Dark by VeilaKs Mother Nature by J-u-d-a-s  Flower Fairy (Comission) by Nikulina-Helena  The Gate by duzetdaram  E n c h a n t e d by KellieArt  Portrait of a Fae Under Sunlight by RogerioGuimaraes

Thanks for viewing! :hug:

Cutest Things!

Tue Nov 10, 2015, 10:31 AM
I don't really do "cute" art... but I LOVE cute art!! :D
I'd like to feature the cutest of the cutest art/animations I've collected here on D.A. Hope it will bring happiness to your day!

Pixel Terrarium: Say'ri by milliemunchers Autumn (Animated) by Lacerem yellow by Apofiss <da:thumb id="566343911"/> ..:: BunBirth ::.. by Faelourn autumn beginning by poisen2014 Little Gardener by cheepers Owl, Mountain, Moon by meluseena <da:thumb id="550900847"/> Saria's Song by ilianaGatto <da:thumb id="482237093"/> I Wanna Steal by paigehwarren  We need to talk by margieeee  Lilly by nutty-stardragon Snowey Swallows by StressedJenny Strawberry dream by CookiesOChocola apple by naiiade Stars by sachimi-tan Puppy by zdrer456 <da:thumb id="557721047"/> Hamster Quest by imaginism Handmade Poseable Baby Polar Bear by Wood-Splitter-Lee Red panda sketch with video by ailah leaf by 619bees Busy Bees by Cinnamoncandy Summer day by White-Anemone Pressing the Veil by windfalcon  Listening to the birds in the morning. by longestdistance  forgotten windmill and an oldman by GaudiBuendia Late night reveals many things. by LiigaKlavina Princess Peach (Daisy Colors) by SenorDoom  Mac mac (speedpaint) by MilicaClk  The traveler by ElenaDudina  florem grypem Latin: floral griffin by RedreevGeorge [C] darthmer-mer by Omigrim Bulbasar reimagined by alexnegrea Meanwhile in the Trees by TheCompanyOfWolves Mushrooms Cover by Mymie-chan Up by oyyro Sweet Dreams by ThelemaDreamsArt Lace moustache by tamaraR Lost Innocence by laurenedmundson Winter by GaudiBuendia Today by DoddleFur Fat Bird Mode by Sine-Cura Have some flowers! by AlectorFencer Giraffey by Lite-mike Cavy by GaudiBuendia I Don't Wanna Wake Up by Zeta-Haru Red Panda's by tikopets

I think that's sufficient, this list could go on forever...! Thanks for viewing!
Thank YouRose by KmyGraphic

A *Wery* Scary Halloween Feature!

Fri Oct 30, 2015, 10:32 AM
Halloween is here! And it's time to be scared and frightened! :D This feature is not for the faint of heart!!

Happy Halloween!!
Haloween by KmyGraphic

Mature Content

Lady Bombyx by Quentinvcastel
Rise of the Pumpkins by JasonTN Dark Mediterranean by maiarcita Sabbath - Month of Fear by navate Sovereigns in Undeath by Mr--Jack darkness within my soul (collab) by Lolita-Artz La Noria Tribute by michaelkutsche Dark Waters by Dragon-Bat Dark Angel (30min Daily activity) by daRoz Mutants... by daRoz sundays by Blacku-draws Trick or Treat by PaperDreamerArt Sous le masque by MySweetDarkness Ashes to bones, bones to trees, trees to ashes by niavaah Keyanar by Keyanar-Red Hocus Pocus by LindArtz Until death by DiosaEMR American Horror - Lady GAGA by arcipello Witch Doctor by Andantonius The Guardian by Ascending-Storm mol by FeurigenSatan somewhere below by R9A Hallows' Eve by msfowle Two of Cups by MistressVamachara Ghost by Yam-Chi The Hunter Smile by lauraypablo Panther Warlock by KatZaphire Deathtollin' DiamonEyes by DiamonEyes Poor thing by Cyan-Mind   Halloween 2013 by AM-Markussen   Corpse Bride by Shnider Robin by missterkelsen Eye Doesn't See, Heart Doesn't Grieve by StefaniaRusso  Embrace by NanFe  Mermaid (Revision) by thomaswievegg Inner Oracle by Carlos-Quevedo The Child by DannyFilth01 Bride of Frankenstein by J-u-d-a-s Plague Doctor by TeslaRock Dark Embrace by SvetlanaFox <da:thumb id="546819229"/> Novitiate by Poetrymann The Sentinel by RoseCS Decay by Maniakuk Nightmare by Frederic-Lievre Echoes ( Inner Voices) by AlejandroDMarco reaper by sepraven Frozen Eyes by AlejandroDMarco The Conniving Stranger by sugar-venom Mother's Love by HorrorParty

Autumn and Halloween!

Fri Oct 16, 2015, 10:45 AM
Vibrant colors of red, orange, and yellow are the heart of Autumn foliage. There is a calmness in the damp air in the mornings, and I much prefer that over the scorching dusty summer heat, well... here in C.A. anyway.

I'd like to feature artworks that capture the beauty of Autumn, and also art that celebrate Halloween! :)

Autumns kiss by Birdsatalcatraz Autumn Fairy by silviya Hermione and Owl by MelieMelusine Headphones by KabukiRabbit Elf halloween by annemaria48 Auburn by msfowle Summer's End by la-voisin Autumn Melody by VeilaKs The autumn leaves fairy by babsartcreations Meeting in the woods by GhyselenBert fall leaves by The-Art-Files<da:thumb id="550900847"/> FA 372 - Summer has gone by Gerda1946 Flower-Fae by EnchantedWhispersArt Mournful Song by Carlos-Quevedo Happy Halloween 2015 by Euselia   Autumn by Cinnamoncandy Fall in Abstract by LaraBLN Autumn ablaze II by Aenea-Jones <da:thumb id="564157185"/> <da:thumb id="560005598"/> POESIE by stellartcorsica  Autumn Whispers by Marjie79   Autumn Queen Forest by jiajenn Autumn Serenade by Euselia Cuidate by SueJO The flames rose and fell by MilenaKalias Welcome Autumn by MelieMelusine Autumn In Heaven by FallenLeavesFairy <da:thumb id="566431338"/> By the Swift River by Celem Halloween by DarkMysty-Stock Happy birthday angel by KatZaphire Nos Calan Gaeaf The Autumn Harvest Fairy by Pendragon-Arts  Red Rain by Joe-Maccer  Happy Autumn by LindArtz  Red Gold (Werewolf calendar 2016) by ailah  Halloween Night by Gwendolyn1 Autumn Elf.. by AledJonesStockNArt Eternal Remembrance by GoldenDragonART  The Beginning of Fall by SuzieKatz

Hope you've enjoyed the artworks! A big "THANK YOU" to all the wonderful artists who share their art and add much beauty to our world! :rose:

Lighten Our Hearts

Mon Aug 24, 2015, 4:03 PM
Everyday we have to deal with life, good and bad. But logging on to D.A is always such an adventure, as artists and artworks take me to different time and places!

In this journal I'd like to feature artworks that bring joy and happiness to this world, and bring us to a magical place!

Musik in the MorningForest by Euselia The wound is not closed yet by Sweetlylou   Aphrodite by MistressVamachara Nature Spirit by duzetdaram The Frog Prince. Golden ball. by LiigaKlavina Rohan by kimberly80 Breathe In (prints available) by Lolita-Artz  The Elven Bride by PaperDreamerArt  Magic by KatZaphire Purple-Moonlight by EnchantedWhispersArt Nature Fairy by mshellee Autumn by annemaria48  Ink Blatt-Gesicht Goldoverkill by Wespenfresser  Sunflowers Fairy by maiarcita  Isn't Life Strange by Joe-Maccer <da:thumb id="551213193"/>  July garden by kosharik69   Sugar space - jungle by RedreevGeorge RoseGarden by CindysArt The balancing act by Sacm88 Pure Serenity v.2 by Beholdentolove Sunrise FireLight by suntwirl   Stars by sachimi-tan Rose by LittleFairyArt Cat and Mouse by webang111 Listening to the birds in the morning. by longestdistance Caring OWL by ScytheID  My Sweet Sunflower by ilovemyhusky  Snuggle by dexikon

I'd also like to send a big "Thank you!" to artists who used my stock! I made them in my spare time and so happy to see them put to some good use! :heart:

Daydream by Elsapret  Heaven Here on Earth by SuzieKatz  Schmetterling im Garten Eden by Ka-Kind E.B aka Easter Bunny by Zozziegirl Sad Clown by Jassy2012 Blinded, Muted, Burnt by shadeley Just Married-A Welsh Wedding by SueJO Fae Paradise by marphilhearts magical rose garden by agata-68 Enchanted Fae by RogerioGuimaraes

Thank you for viewing! I'm anxiously waiting for Autumn/Fall!!! My favorite season! (and Spring)... :heart:

Summer Art-Gems Feature!

Sat Aug 1, 2015, 6:46 AM
It's been awhile since my last feature, as I've been working and haven't had time so I "fav and run" a lot (sorry guys!). Please know that I'm not ignoring friends and would always come back to feature the beautiful artworks you make!! The featured arts are not just beautiful, but well executed, unique, and just simply took my breath away!!

So without further ado...drum-roll please!!

Creepy people by Art-of-Geun  Laboratories by APetruk  Jungle Landscape by MadGardens Unconditional diving by DeniseWorisch Pursuit Of Light by Lolita-Artz Sad Clown by Jassy2012 Let my spirit fly by KatZaphire Visions-From-Afar by EnchantedWhispersArt <da:thumb id="549468710"/> Days Behind by Euselia Asteria by Carlos-Quevedo In Bloom by Andaelentari Dragon gold by irish-blackberry <da:thumb id="549104707"/> Desert Rose by shiny-shadows-Art Tellest collection by dleoblack  Playground love by Elvanlin  Blue Bird by FeriAnimations  Birds 2 Png Stock by ElenaDudina  Magic of the Spring by MoonRoseEternity  star catcher by annemaria48 <da:thumb id="548308927"/> Fairy Dragon by Aramisdream Commission: YummingDoe4 by longestdistance Summer garden by DalfaArt  Snowy Harpy by sandara Legend of the Cryptids - Suncaller Cifona by anotherwanderer Mermaid Dreams by EstherPuche-Art In The Distance Fading by Joe-Maccer Elemental Angel by VladMRK Reflections of Aine by Enchantress-LeLe Woman-Flower by ThelemaDreamsArt Awakening from the cold by hansels Portrait_12 by Lagunaya Elven Artifacts by PaperDreamerArt Whisper by J-u-d-a-s Dark Flower by Nikulina-Helena White queen by CGSoufiane Ammit by MistressVamachara Rose Blossom by telthona The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt by DaveRapoza Unholy Hunger by LASAHIDO Necromancer by Whendell SAGITTARIUS from the Dancing Zodiac by AquaSixio 63 by dandelion-s Welcome to the Light Forest by qi-art Fire in Her Eyes by Phatpuppyart-Studios Memento Mori II by LadyxBoleyn Frozen by debNise Forest elf by silviya I walk alone... by SummerDreams-Art Raven Queen by annewipf Wirt by DogsAndRoses Herald of the Pantheon by JasonEngle Reflection In The Sky by Ascending-Storm Legend of the Cryptids - Cifona adv. by anotherwanderer End of time by Aeternum-designs Mossgold by windfalcon  Bluebird by SanMandara  From the depths of darkness by Ellyevans679 Vanilla, Accursed Lady  adv by yuchenghong Foggy by MichaelCTY Ways of Words by mynameistran Lord of the Dragons by Grafit-art
Nocturne by iyandejesus Papa's Goods by Charlie-Bowater Into Darkness by MoonRoseEternity

Thank you for reading my journal! (Lovely Summer icon by :iconkmygraphic:!)
Summer-Feelings_150px by KmyGraphic

Fantastic Art!

Wed May 13, 2015, 1:12 PM
I am very thankful to log on and see beautiful art everyday! I'd like to showcase the artworks that made my day! :) Of course I could list everything the list would be endless...  :D

Red Rose by KatZaphire Somber-Nights by EnchantedWhispersArt Offering Flowers by DeniseWorisch Carmen by Euselia 61 by dandelion-s Mirror by maiarcita The balancing act by Sacm88 Pure Serenity v.2 by Beholdentolove Ritual by Andaelentari Sunrise FireLight by suntwirl Mystic Night by Secretadmires Fairy and blackberry by Traaw Medcast Episode 2! by medders Belle by melaniedelon Safe sleep by CindysArt Ambar by duzetdaram 5 Secrets by Joe-Maccer Jungle queen by FlashW Midori OC by HempseedCookie .:A Forgotten Dream:. by SummerDreams-Art at the pond by ZedLord-Art Cinderella by ektapinki A Fairy Garden Nap by Tammara Regular garden fairy by Zozziegirl Waiting For Spring by ilovemyhusky Katrina the Curian by jcastle316 Do you believe in fairy tales by Digitalzauber The Woman in Red by AliaChek Dont ever lose hope - fight till the end by aninur Silence by ThelemaDreamsArt Autumn Winter  by anikettyagi <da:thumb id="509715552"/> Ars Paulina by 1simplemanips1 Beautiful Swan by maiarcita Poisonous flowers01 by crow-god

California Drought IMHO

Mon May 11, 2015, 2:34 PM
 It's been so depressing in C.A. lately. The authorities are freaking out about about the drought and issued new water rationing rules almost biweekly, with troublesome rules about the time, exact date, of when and how we should water our lawn. By GOD if the lawn is indeed sucking up all that water (and yes it does!), why not just simply BAN it and get it over with instead of "only one day a week, well... twice in Summer, but no watering after rainfall for 2 days,.. etc...etc.!"

The craziness doesn't end there! There are people who claimed that the drought is an act of God, punishing California for supporting "GAY people". SERIOUSLY!!?! What the fig!?!

And then there are people who resented water being used to save the fish on their migration! Oh no, it's not enough we wasted away our water, we must take the fish's water, and then we will take Seattle's water too (ask William Shatner who wanted to pipe Seattle without even asking them first!) It is the "ME FIRST, and ME ONLY" mentality that is making ME sick!!!

So yeah, who do we blame for the drought (if we would be rather be pointing fingers than trying to figure out a solution instead!)? Look in the mirror!! We are ALL guilty in some ways large or small, from drowning lawns (then mow low to dehydrate them and so we can water that lawn some more!), to planting thirsty crops in the desert, to instead of equipping each urban-home with a reservoir we decide to direct the rainwater all out into the sewer lines so we have no water to use in the dry season!

And for those who ask, "Why don't you have are right next to the ocean?" If by now you cannot tell the difference between fresh-water and salt-water... don't apply to UCLA. As for desalination plants, the technology is fueled by oil, with toxic by-product that is detrimental to the environment in the long term; we are basically borrowing from our children's future so I wouldn't have too much of those yet.

And lastly, Nestle's new slogan "sustainable bottled water".. LAME! Just make like Starbucks' Ethos water and GET OUT of California! And take the fracking oil-industry with you on the way out!!!

Projects and Features

Mon Apr 13, 2015, 4:28 PM
I'm very honored to have been a part of "Brass and Steam" Tarot Deck project; we're launching a Kickstarter's campaign!! Please have a look to see other awesome artworks, done by myself and the awesome Alex!…

It's been very strange in C.A. lately, with everyone on edge and the political circus is more ludicrous than usual due to the "mega-drought"! So I'd like to thank and feature the artists whose art brings peace, lovely delights (and sanity) to my day!!

Nymph by ThelemaDreamsArt  Cheonsa by LASAHIDO  Destination by Aeternum-designs  The Autumn Months by motherearth01 Demon named Blue Lily (Comission) by Nikulina-Helena Spray Fairy by maiarcita the four-leaf clover by jerry8448 Witch house by tamaraR -Kyogre- by arvalis  Daughter of the Dark by DusanMarkovic  Green by Bea-Gonzalez Dark Souls - Crossbreed Priscilla(wip1) by tetsuok9999  Nimrod by Dopaprime Jewel of the forest by Andaelentari Fleur de la Vie by Zolaida Flower fairy by KellieArt  Rhea by Poetrymann

Hope you enjoyed these artworks as much as I did! Wish everyone a great week!!

Rest and Recovery

Thu Mar 19, 2015, 5:16 PM
It's been a long time since I've been able to work at my computer station for long... I was too tired and my back bothers me still :(

I've decided to take it easy and take a "sabbatical" from work, so I guess the "silver lining" is that I'll have a wee bit of time for personal stuff, and to keep up with my friends' artworks!
I'd like to feature the artworks that inspire and bring cheer to my day!!

Masters of the Sea by LeenaHill  Spring by shiny-shadows-Art Creator by athenapallas87 Winds-Of-Change by EnchantedWhispersArt My Way by Joe-Maccer  Open your eyes by CindysArt  Muse by KatZaphire  I am finished with you by Andaelentari  Red Queen by Nebelelfe-Art  Parfume of Violet by AprilLight  Flower Fairy by Cinnamoncandy  Bright Forest by maiarcita  Secret love by duzetdaram  Bride by Poetrymann  .:Innocence:. by SummerDreams-Art A Comfy Spot by KarahRobinson-Art An Angel Among Us by JCCJ756 Fairy Tale by nina-Y  Lumen Rationis by StefaniaRussoBlack swan 2015 by annewipf  Dream by olga-idealist Sacred by frenchfox  W I N T E R   S A D N E S S by ChimeraArtz  Mother Earth by VeilaKs  A Night Foretold by iyandejesus  Empty by babsartcreations  Legends of the Forest by Brumae-Art Le Cabinet de Curiosites - Sepia Morphine by AlexandraVBach Treasure by Black-B-o-x  Swan-princess by mashamaklaut  Return to Nature by tamaraR Moment of Sadness by Euselia  When You Dont See The Light by Lolita-Artz  Back To Nature by Doucesse  A New Beginning by kaiser-mony  Summer by Nyamesiss <da:thumb id="512363778"/> Lord of the Dragons by Grafit-art   Cijal by nathie <da:thumb id="330677676"/>

Hope and Light 2015!

Sat Jan 3, 2015, 7:13 PM
I had a pretty rough the end of year for 2014... My Dad had a stroke and my cousin passed away at the young age of 43. My father is fortunately recovering, but I lost my cousin and so my Christmas and New Year Celebration was bittersweet.  I am so thankful that my Dad is OK now and I am happy to be able to spend time with my parents for the past week. I realize that my love for my family allows me to appreciate them and love them in spite of their foibles. I wish everyone a great year ahead, and enjoy your love ones. 

On that note, I'd like to feature artworks that express the beauty of Hope and Light; thank you for your incredible art!

Touched by Emerald-Depths <da:thumb id="503757041"/>  Night fairy with her fireflies by KatZaphire  Bloom by EnchantedWhispersArt  Moment of Sadness by Euselia  Mystical Winter by elmage  More Than A Feeling by Joe-Maccer   Imagine by milyKnight  Happy 2015 by maiarcita <da:thumb id="501904056"/>  Moonlight Melody II by RogerioGuimaraes  Archangels: URIEL Fire of God by mAgrAw812  Hourglass by pvleminx  Winter by zwyklaania  Svetlana by fly10  Follow by d1sasterp1ece9  A New Beginning by kaiser-mony  Spiral and color by luisbc  Fly away from this world by Marjie79  World Colors by luisbc  Nature Salvation by RHADS  Blue mystics by GeneRazART  Lords Of The Wind by RHADS <da:thumb id="476975795"/>  Fiat Lux by triptychaos  Starfall by Emerald-Depths  I can fly by duzetdaram  Frosty sunset by JoaRosa  Angel Jophiel by babsartcreations  Garden Faerie by ShannonValentine    

Merry Christmas!

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 10:32 AM
One of my favorite time of the year: Christmas. And the beauty of the season is the spirit of sharing, whether it's compassion, or just sharing warm cookies with my family! I would like share the artworks that showcase the joy of Christmas and beauty of Snow!

Hogwarts Christmas Card by nokeek  URP Christmas banner by AMelodyGoneWrong  Coming Home For Christmas (Animated) by adoreluna  Snow globe by KatZaphire  Dandelion Texture by Kordovah  Blessed Yule by magicsart  Winter Queen by TaniaART  The christmas light by RoseCS   Ice Queen by Anna-Marine  dreamy angel by Irina-Ponochevnaya     Waiting for Christmas - Secret Santa by Wesley-Souza  Adoptable - Mistletoe Nigri Special [CLOSED] by NezuPanda  up and up it goes by Apofiss  Holidays Seasons   (Comission) by duzetdaram  Winter night by Vasylissa  Jingle ALLLLLLLL the way. by PascalCampion  You And Me Are Floating Into Outer Space by Ashwyerio  Little owl feeling cold in the snow by ArtofOkan <da:thumb id="495024882"/>  Lady Winter by Kordovah  Snow Globe by SweetlySecret  Winter by zwyklaania Christmas Angel sent to Earth 2014 by nudagimo  l'esprit de noel by PlacidAnemia  Skadi by Kordovah  Divine Wings of Serenity by Karelys-Luna  Winter 2014 by annemaria48  Christmas Angel HNY 2015 by babsartcreations  Frosted by msfowle  Winters Fairy by RogerioGuimaraes  Frozen heart by Aeternum-designs  The Silver Eye - Winter Enel by LauraHollingsworth  Pale by lhyrical  Winter by PlacidAnemia  Sweetened I by rosaarvensis  Angelic Light by SuzieKatz  ... by LiiQa  Snowflake 01 by CD-STOCK  The snowfall is so silent by DreamyNaria  Devilish Handsome 6846P by Sooper-Deviant  Birdhouse by Vasylissa  Com - Chibi Lance 2014 by HomunculusLover  Gazing by APetruk  Christmas Song by Phatpuppyart-Studios

Lovely icons from the very talented Camelia, who is inspirational to say the least!! Thank you for your amazing icons!!! :hug:
XmasMusic by KmyGraphic  Snowman by KmyGraphic  Joy-Winter by KmyGraphic  Tree by KmyGraphic  Snowman by KmyGraphic  Christmas by KmyGraphic  BlueChristmas by KmyGraphic

I would also like to thank my "Secret Santa" for this lovely gift:  Blood Kissed by Kordovah 

And to my wonderful friend :iconstefaniarusso: for the amazing artwork dedication:  Wish You A Dark Christmas by StefaniaRusso

Thank you! :rose:

Happy Holidays!! 

Haunting Beauty and journal skin

Sun Nov 30, 2014, 12:01 PM
I finally managed to make my own journal skin! It's the first one so not perfect, but I am definitely looking forward to the next version!

And I'd also like to feature the Haunting Beauty artworks I've collected, these artworks captured the melancholy dark moods perfectly! I'd thank to thank the artists for sharing their amazing works!

 Corpse by SerpentSapiens Wild Dark Faeries by Coliandre  Season of the Witch by Anhen   Es Para Ti by MariaJoseHidalgo  Necrosis by FlexDreams  Jellyfish by 1simplemanips1  Winter Fiarytale by Darknesstormentt  Cuemeterium by Corvinerium  Portrait Of A Girl by Tamikotakara Angel of the Darkness by babsartcreations <da:thumb id="492549993"/>  Ill Will by FlexDreams  From Ashes by DigitalDreams-Art <da:thumb id="491809852"/>  I guard your heart by KatZaphire Her Domain II by makepeaceart Reason and emotion by Elvisegp Trick or Treat by Nicojam  I Miss You by pompafunebris  Soul of Forest by Aeternum-designs  I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box by Andaelentari The Valkyrie by CGSoufiane  Roots by duzetdaram  Mortuary by Aeternum-designs  Thor fighting the Jormungand by Raven-Tales  Andromeda by Frederic-Lievre 

And from the "Masterpiece" collection:

Precious Realm - Gypsy by elestrial Precious Realm : Home by elestrial Beren and Luthien V2 by annewipf R.I.P.H.R. by nell-fallcard Dread by yuumei  The NightBringer by Aelathen Name by raqmo Kismet, the Primal of Luck by ArtofTy  In the Land of Magic by kuschelirmel  Nemesis by Hollllow  -2 by gypcg

Hope these incredible artworks have brought a bit of beauty and "soul" into your life! :heart:

Beautiful Art

Mon Nov 17, 2014, 12:56 PM
Well, these are simply stunning! :heart: 

I love beautiful art, with fairies, magical woods... and these artworks make my coffee taste better :)

I'd like to thank the artists who share their love for beauty and magic! :heart:

On a side note I'd also like to thank the kind friends who suggested some amazing music for my last poll!! :blowkiss:

  Sweet dreams little angel by KatZaphire  And Then There Was Light by emilieleger  Fairyland by KatZaphire